Local Enterprise Solutions

Our technology enables you to monitor, influence and analyse social media activity in real-time.
Create and publish rich video advertising campaigns on social media platforms for your business.
Target your customers using automated brand-led campaigns with relevant engaging content.
A monthly subscription service for your business is based on the specific usage of our technology.


  • Log in and view your full digital footprint in one easy-to-use overview panel.
  • Track your overall performance and levels of engagement for posts and content.
  • Schedule posts to drive traffic and engagement to get the most out of every update.
  • Monitor your competitors in real-time and track overall performance using the Hopr Score.


  • Monitor online engagement, feedback and reviews from your customers.
  • Publish¬†automatically generated video advertisements for your business and franchise.
  • Optimise the return-on-investment for your business by using campaigns to drive footfall.


  • Use our technology and redemption mechanisms to manage, track and measure customer loyalty.
  • Noster’s solutions enable physical presence businesses to connect digitally with their customers.
  • Combine traditional services with modern software to offer in-depth insights for your business.
  • Analyse how customers spend, monitor your performance and track your data for revenue and products.


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