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Hopr is a social media management application for business. Built on Noster’s live global database, it showcases the digital footprint of venues around the world.

Hopr enables you to stay digitally connected to your customers across a range of social media platforms. Monitor and respond to activity on your social media profiles live in one simple feed. Track the online activity of your competitors and venues in your area. Hopr keeps your business and customers connected in real time, supporting millions of venues across all categories in our live global database.

Manage all your business’ social media activity from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and see a wider digital footprint for you and your competitors on TripAdvisor, OpenTable, Deliveroo, Golocal, Yelp, YouTube and Pinterest.

Customised Brand Solutions

Promote brand awareness and drive footfall by empowering venue owners to engage customers using a customisable brand-led suite of tools. Noster’s technology enables businesses to remain connected to brands through to the point-of-sale. Equip venues and outlets that stock brands with customisable branded solutions for social media and location based advertising tools.

Empower venue owners and stockists to enhance their social media presence. Each venue owner can automate rich video content from pre-approved brand sponsored templates. By integrating unique calls-to-action businesses can drive footfall and optimise return-of-investment of campaigns.