Global Enterprise Solutions

Noster builds solutions that empower management, marketing and measurement of social media activity.
Access a comprehensive, proprietary, live global database of merchant locations across the globe.
SaaS monthly subscription per active user scaled based on usage of specific elements of the service.

Brand Powered Customised Solutions

  • Empower merchants to engage customers using a brand-led suite of tools.
  • Businesses can automate rich video advertisements from pre-approved brand sponsored templates.
  • Optimise the return-on-investment from advertising campaigns by driving hyper-local footfall.

Hyper-Local Advertising at Scale

  • Agencies can automate the production of hyper-local advertising campaigns across platforms.
  • Hyper-locally advertise at scale using programmatic social media tools to create brand awareness.
  • Target customers near merchant locations and retail outlets to drive brand-led footfall.
  • Track the effectiveness of campaigns through to the point-of-sale using redemption technology.


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