Brand Powered Customised Solutions

  • Empower merchants to engage customers using a brand-led suite of tools.
  • Businesses can automate rich video advertisements from pre-approved brand sponsored templates.
  • Optimise the return-on-investment from advertising campaigns by driving hyper-local footfall.

Hyper-Local Advertising at Scale

  • Brands can automate the production of hyper-local advertising campaigns across platforms.
  • Hyper-locally advertise at scale using programmatic social media tools to create brand awareness.
  • Target customers near merchant locations and retail outlets to drive brand-led footfall.
  • Track the effectiveness of campaigns through to the point-of-sale using redemption technology.


Social media tools for managing an active online presence for any business.


Automate the creation and publishing of rich video adverts at scale across multiple platforms.


Track your activity, compare with competitors, and close the loop with redemption mechanisms.


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