Noster is a technology company built by a team of world class entrepreneurs, developers and data experts.

They set out to build the impossible: “Imagine if you could see everything, everywhere and own that view”

Today that vision is a reality…

Noster has built a proprietary database to access a view of every venue on earth with its entire digital footprint

Now the database can enable a traveller to find a haircut on holidays at the salon nearest to their hotel, or enable a major haircare brand communicate with every hair salon in Europe.

Access Our Data

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Noster API

Access our database to see a complete live view of the entire digital presence of millions of venues world-wide. Use this significant data, mined from multiple sources, in multiple ways with our easy-to-use APIs

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Hopr Mobile App

Hopr Mobile App allows users to see every venue around them and beyond. View by category or location, Hopr revolutionises the way customers find, access and visit venues.

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Easy to use APIs enable the rich data to be extracted in a variety of ways

Provides access to a worldwide live database
Advanced algorithms continuously mine multiple sources to build a complete picture of the entire digital presence of millions of venues across the globe
Easy to use APIs enable the rich data to be extracted in a variety of ways
Each venue’s footprint is distilled to a single score
This ground-breaking live database offers multi-national businesses and SMEs alike the opportunity to have the most comprehensive view of venues around the world.
Select a category from hundreds of options, and see that category in whatever location you choose.
Plug in to the Noster database & give your business a real advantage.

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Hopr is a mobile app, designed to allow a user see everything around them in a single feed

Hopr is a mobile app, designed to allow a user see everything around them in a single feed.
Available on iOS and android.
Featuring millions of venues worldwide.
Visible by location or category or top scoring.
Open the Hopr app to discover the most exciting & comprehensive way to see every venue around you.
See the full digital presence of each venue in one simple feed.
Search for you ideal destination, see their reviews , their score and all their social activity.

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Our Partners

Noster have chosen to work with partners already providing excellent solutions in the marketplace to further capitalize on its powerful database.

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Loylap offer a suite of loyalty, gift and pay solutions enabling physical presence businesses to embrace the digital age. Compatible with smartphones, tablets, POS Systems and of course Noster technologies, Loylap already has millions of gift cards deployed across European outlets. These user friendly offerings are fast becoming the gift and loyalty solution of choice for forward thinking on-street businesses.

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Linkalist is a clever technology suite offering clients the facility to build bespoke solutions without the need for programming expertise. Clients using the Noster database often require very specific products based on that information. Linkalist can help a business achieve those goals whilst eliminating the need for significant technology know-how.

The Most Comprehensive Venue Data on Earth

Rigorously tested 

Yielding more accurate & complete information than any other database in existence 

Live results 

Elegant simple interfaces 

Multiple sources including all major international & local platforms  

Data distilled to a unique venue score  

Select the Noster API or Hopr to view this extraordinary database in the way that suits you  


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